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Jonathan Stewart didn’t have the best summer with the New York Giants, but his old teammate is sticking up for him publicly anyway.

Stewart, who signed a two-year deal with the Giants in the offseason, struggled during the preseason, finishing with minus-5 yards on 10 carries in three games.

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So when his former teammate with the Carolina Panthers, Steve Smith, was asked about it, he said that it wasn’t Stewart’s fault and instead, laid the blame on the Giants’ offensive line.

“As a fan, you are getting nervous. Here’s my question with that: To get minus-5 yards, you have to get what behind the line of scrimmage?” Smith asked, knowing “tackled” is the correct answer. “If a guy is tackled, that means somebody missed a [block]. So how is that Jonathan’s issue?”

Despite this ugly preseason performance, Stewart and his salary hung on as the team trimmed its roster to 53 men on Sunday.

However, if the Giants were to base playing time off of how the preseason shook out, Wayne Gallman may have earned the No. 2 role behind rookie Saquon Barkley.

Ultimately, Stewart’s true value for the Giants – even if he doesn’t find the field as much as he hoped when initially signing with the team – may be to mentor both Barkley and Gallman in 2018.

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